Artist Profile - Glenn Mossop

   Originally from South Africa, as a young teenager Glenn Mossop and his family sailed the world in a yacht built by his father. They spent time in many countries, meeting people from different cultures, sparking his fascination with the human face and form. Now residing in New Brighton, he credits his love of portraiture to this early travel. 

“The human gaze has always intrigued me. I love the paradox of the mystery and the connection in the windows of the soul. The mystery of the thoughts behind the eyes; our thoughts are really the last thing we have to ourselves. And then the shock of adrenaline we all get from gazing into someone’s eyes and finding a very knowing connection there. Capturing that moment is, for me, the true beauty of the portrait.”

Glenn is currently working on new pieces for his ‘Mossop’ Studio & Gallery in New Brighton, NSW; A creative space for local artists and art lovers alike to be inspired. 

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