Artist Profile - Tracey Knowland

“I am not a religious person ... but when the sun backlights a leaf and nature's elegant design and symmetry are revealed, I feel a peace and divinity in that light.”


Tracey Knowland’s paintings are an interior designer's dream. Nothing in a home can capture a sense of the tranquil outdoors quite like a bit of greenery. But for those who don’t have the luxury of a green thumb, or, like myself, struggle to keep the smallest of succulents alive for more than a month, botanical-inspired artwork is the answer. "Human beings have an innate desire to connect with nature but in urban environments people can feel disconnected. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a garden, so it feels good to share a bit of mine around."

Tracey’s paintings perfectly transpose that magnificent dance of shadow and light created when the sun peaks through the canopy of the rainforest. Her gloriously green pieces, inspired by the garden she has devotedly built over the past 15 years, radiate calm and are regularly described as joyous and uplifting. Her limited edition prints are fast becoming sought after essentials in the Australian interior design world and beyond, and deservingly so.

"I started painting in earnest just over a year ago after a health scare ... I came home from hospital and set up paints and canvas. I didn't have a plan, I just started painting scenes from my garden; my place of reflection, beauty, tranquility. I work predominantly in shades of green, which I have recently learned has the properties of balance, harmony, peace, refreshment and love. Nature-based art is now documented to aid in healing and is increasingly being used in corporate wellness programs and hospitals. From the feedback I am receiving I truly believe there is something in that ..."


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