Hit the skies with Damien O'Mara

Ballina Byron Gateway Airport welcomed a new and intriguing exhibition over the weekend as local artist Damien O’Mara presents his Dreamliner exhibition. Visitors to the airport will be taken on a expedition through the intricate structure and industrial designs of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner Series in the latest showcase of Northern Rivers Community Gallery’s (NRCG) ‘Art at the Airport’ program.

The exhibition features a collection of large-scale, detailed photographs of the Boeing 787, portraying the giant industrial object as a modern structure in fascinating new ways. This series strives to challenge the symbolism of the industrial form as established through modern, art photography.

Dreamliner depicts a complex, contemporary structure, rather than the traditionally simple and brutal industrial form.

J787 No. 1   Dreamliner

J787 No. 1


I love how you can see all rivets, repairs and small fixings as well as looking into the raw machinery of the engines
— Damien O'Mara

O'Mara, a qualified structural design engineer and artist, was given supervised access on the tarmac of Gold Coast Airport over a number of months in order to complete Dreamliner. Through a strong focus on detail and material and by rejecting a representation of the object's totality the works enable a new engagement with the subject.

AN747 No. 2   Dreamliner

AN747 No. 2


The images preference detail over the object in totality. The intent is that habitual associations with the symbolism of the airliner become secondary and the object can be seen anew, as a conflicting mix of sophisticated and crude technology
— Damien O'Mara

The exhibition will be on display at Ballina Byron Gateway Airport from 8 September to 2 November and coincides with his exhibition at the Gold Coast City Gallery which is showing a broader selection of the Dreamliner collection.

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Post by Liz Calligeros.