Yannick Blattner | THRUST

THE WALLS Gold Coast


Exhibition runs until 18 November

Glamour, machismo and the Gold Coast’s glitzy subtropical self-image: Yannick Blattner’s THRUST offers the provocation of symbolic displays of pointless power and pent-up energy with nowhere to go. Concerned with the dichotomies, contradictions, and paradoxes of the Australian male identity, Blattner employs cultural clichés to interpret larger cultural norms and social dynamics. THRUST captures leisure culture through the commercial manifestations of Queensland’s sub-tropical lifestyle; byproducts of a climate that is simultaneously idyllic and unforgiving.


Yannick lives and works in Brisbane, Queensland. He was recently artist-in-residence at the Museum of Brisbane (2017), which culminated in a solo exhibition in the gallery. Yannick’s recent solo exhibitions include: All Gone Shane Warne at Inhouse ARI (2013), Low Blow at Spiro Grace Art Rooms (SGAR) (2014),Heatwave at Zeppelin Projects in Melbourne (2015), and Contrived Circumstances at SGAR (2016). He has been a finalist in the Churchie National Emerging Art prize (2015) and the Gold Coast art Prize (2015). Yannick Blattner graduated a Bachelor of Fine Art with Honours (first class) from the Queensland University of Technology (2014), during which he received the inaugural Hild Chenhall Scholarship for painting.