Artist Jeska Valk’s new exhibition delves Beneath the Surface

An exploration of the human connection with the ocean in a series of paintings entitled Beneath the Surface will open at Byron Bay’s Lume Art Gallery on the 22nd of April, 2017. The second show in Jeska Valk’s Earth Warriors series promises to enthrall with meticulously painted portraits delving into the issues faced by our oceans.

“Human activity is putting enormous pressure on our oceans” says Jeska, “there is so much we can do, both personally and collectively to enact real change ... I wanted to not only explore the harm that we are doing, but tell the story of actions being taken by individuals and organisations, on all scales, to repair the damage”

Jeska Valk’s Beneath The Surface runs from 22nd April until the 22nd of May – with a public opening to be held at 6pm on Saturday the 22nd of April at Lume Gallery, Byron Bay.

For more information, visit or find her on Facebook and Instagram.