Maria Paterson and Jay Foley to Exhibit at Byron’s Lone Goat Gallery

Well-known and respected Ocean Shores pastel, oil and new mediums Artist Maria Paterson kicked off 2017 with a bang, being one of only 94 candidates selected from around the world for the Paris-based FID drawing competition, and she follows this with a three week art exhibition at Byron Bay’s Lone Goat Gallery, opening this Friday, April 21.


Maria says her re-emergence follows a three year period of extreme change and transition: “Sometimes we need time to make sense of our world, and this is what I have been doing through my art.”

The Construct , graphite ink watercolour on paper, 60cm x 80cm

The Construct, graphite ink watercolour on paper, 60cm x 80cm

 Her style has changed along with her technique and use of a more monochromatic palette.  “I can communicate more depth in my emotional responses to the environment around me, allowing more scope to create contrasts, emphasising the lights and darks. I use the materials in an intuitive sense, sometimes pulling apart and reconstructing the work, letting the work dictate direction,” she says.

Pastel Artist and respected judge Leoni Duff says of Maria’s work: “Maria demonstrates a masterful understanding of pastel techniques using the translucency of an underpainting overlaid with a variety of opaque pastels to create a scintillating surface to the painting.”

Joining her at Lone Goat Gallery is fellow artist Jay Foley, who works with paint and printmaking mediums, and is known for his printmaking workshops at the Tweed Gallery, where he says he finds inspiration and enjoyment in the very process of feeding other people’s creatively.

“It’s an inspirational, and yet humbling experience,” he says, having taken the decision to stop teaching and focus on creating his own exhibition work.

Jay Foley’s inspiration comes from tending his rural garden. “My sense of place here on the North Coast is my inspiration. Home is my studio. The gardens and orchard are like a love story that I then record. It nourishes my soul”.  Having taught visual arts in high school for 22 years, Jay exchanged inspiration with his students.  Now retired, he sometimes teaches adults at Tweed Gallery, in the sense that the tradition of teaching means transmission, reception and adaptation in learning.

Sense of place is the common thread that weaves through Maria Paterson and Jay Foley’s art works in this exhibition Between. What is and what is imagined - evoking the thoughts and feelings of the artists using a variety of mediums and techniques such as paint, drawing and collaborative printmaking.

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