Explore the space between two spaces with Courtney Cook

Birthplace  Acrylic on marine ply 


Acrylic on marine ply 

STANDING IN THE THRESHOLD is an exploratory instillation and collection of paintings by artist Courtney Cook. This week Byron School of Art Project Space will be hosting the work of the Byron-based artist, who explores the threshold as a space between two spaces. 

That which connects us   Acrylic and graphite on marine ply

That which connects us

Acrylic and graphite on marine ply

Born and raised in California, Courtney studied photography and started her own floral design business. She started to challenge what society had embraced as the 'norm' of design. After moving to Byron Bay, Courtney decided to take a break from her business and began painting as a hobby. Four years later, she is featuring in her very first solo exhibition at BSA. 

"This body of work came about when I was observing some paintings I had done, from a sketch in a park in Bangalow. The paintings themselves had this sense of not being able to determine if they were interior or exterior. This then took me into the exploration of thresholds being the physical space we cross from the outside to the inside. 

"I then started relating this feeling to experience of the non-physical thresholds of liminal space. I found that I looked back on these thresholds of my own personal life and found that they were times that were often really uncomfortable, which I often resisted being in. I wanted to get curious about why I was so uncomfortable in them." 

The excitement of a first solo exhibition is creating a very busy week before launch for the emerging artist, despite this she is eager to receive the public response to her work.

"I want people to question spaces that are non-physical in everyday life, I want to challenge that inside and outside are no longer separate," says Cook.

Opening night is Friday 23rd of September at 6-8PM, and will continue until Wednesday 28th September from 10:00am-2:00pm.

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Post by Liz Calligeros