Artist Profile - Diana Miller

"Sharing beauty with the world through my art is what drives me. I thrive on connecting with others through this medium and would like to inspire others to live their own life doing the things that bring them a sense of fulfilment."


Born and raised in South Africa, Diana Miller has now been living out her dream as a full-time artist from her home studio and gallery at much loved local favourite, Newrybar Merchants for just over a year. Colour forms the basis of Diana’s work – her most recent canvas’s expressing a vibrant sense of energy and raw emotion through pattern, texture and bursts of blushing hues. Favoured by interior stylists across Australia, her stunningly abstract outputs of creativity feature as the hero piece in many a living and work space, enriching rooms with a sense of joy and calm. 

The Centre  Acrylic on linen  60 x 76cm

The Centre

Acrylic on linen

60 x 76cm

Transcendence  Acrylic on linen  90 x 105cm


Acrylic on linen

90 x 105cm

Surrounded by the immense natural beauty of the Byron Hinterland, Diana attributes the slowly evolving nature of her work to her environment, saying that her paintings are “more pared back and the palettes more toned down” in comparison to the more detailed and busy work of her pre-Byron life. She says that “part of this is also a result of an abstraction course with Michael Cusack at the BSA earlier this year, which definitely saw a shift in my approach to my work”.

Diana explains her work and process as abstract and intuitive. "I work with a basic palette and an expressive, loose arm, with no reference point – merely colour, texture and shape as my tools with which to work. Applying paint in layers, my acrylics get brushed on and then wiped off and layered again in a game of give and take-away! Sometimes, something will start to take shape fairly early on and other times the canvas will evolve more slowly. Ultimately when the work is resolved I feel an enormous amount of satisfaction and peace."

Lakeside  Acrylic on linen  80 x 90cm


Acrylic on linen

80 x 90cm

Blush  Acrylic on linen  100 x 120cm


Acrylic on linen

100 x 120cm

To see more of Diana's recent artwork, visit her Instagram at @dianamillerartist, or click HERE

Diana's work is available locally at Newrybar Merchants, Newrybar and Art Piece Gallery, Mullimbimby. You can also find it at Fenton & Fenton in Melbourne, Summer and Salt in Peregian Beach, and on The Block Shop Online.