Who Cares? Art Piece Gallery hosts exhibition to highlight aged care & dementia

This week, Art Piece Gallery in Mullumbimby is hosting Who Cares, highlighting aged care and dementia. Caring for the elderly either at home, in a facility or in a community is often unseen, removed from the broader view.

The project is a collaboration between artists and Care Workers from the community and is an exhibition to validate and honour their Care work and the many aspects they hold in this role. Our wish, as artists is to highlight the challenges and sacred nature of this work and the essential role of the individuals on the ground.

All the artists involved have worked or are working with the elderly and the issues around ageing. It is our hope that this exhibition will inspire more progressive community dialogues and interaction.  Who Cares... will be open at Art Piece Gallery until September 22.

Kylie Stoddart,  The time my mother accidentally crocheted a mobious strip , NFS

Kylie Stoddart, The time my mother accidentally crocheted a mobious strip, NFS

Kylie Stoddart
The effects of dementia on my mother's life were often frightening and confusing. The pathways in her mind began leading her on a 'wild goose chase' making her unable to differentiate between past, present, or dream-like states. At other times though, there was a stillness, a childlike rapture, which during moments we shared together, brought many wonders and delights. In this state of revery, all the losses gave way to a whole new landscape; absurd, humorous, dotted with all manner of characters, and so, in celebration of her imagination, I forge on, seeking the nature of her vision in all its beauty.

Julie Barratt, detail from the artist book  with/out end ,  $860

Julie Barratt, detail from the artist book with/out end,  $860

Julie Barratt

Who Cares
I care.
As daughter and primary carer to my 83 year old blind mother I am constantly looking for the beauty amid the medicalization of ageing
These two states don’t exist in isolation
Walking daily in the pristine landscape I worry about the next pill…
Dressing a wound or sitting for hours in the doctor’s clinic I yearn for the quiet and solitude of the landscape…
These artworks speak to these two states and the general unease I feel in this position of daunting responsibility.

Julie Barratt,  with love  (detail)  $480

Julie Barratt, with love (detail)  $480

Cal Mackinnon
The works are home style portraits of the care workers. The format reflects the 'at home' atmosphere most of the care workers try and create for the elderly residents.