Marisa Purcell's Transmission

"When I paint it feels as though the verbal part of my brain goes quiet. It's like the pre-frontal cortex wakes up. What emerges usually surprises me."

The Sydney artist's solo exhibition Transmission is on view at Edwina Corlette Gallery, Brisbane, until April 7, 2018.

Tesselate , 2018, mixed media on linen, 153x137cm

Tesselate, 2018, mixed media on linen, 153x137cm

"The painting unfolds itself as I watch on.  Every action connects like a spider web or a network of fungus linking an entire forest. One thing affects the other.  The system is interdependent and co-dependant. I’ve always been interested in Einstein’s description of how mass affects the space around it. Space curves and every object sits in its own gravitational field, whilst still affecting its surrounds. Everything is a part of a system."

Portal , 2018, mixed media on linen, 183x168 cm

Portal, 2018, mixed media on linen, 183x168 cm

"My ongoing interest in veils, curtains, looms, shields, cosmology and liminal spaces continue to be investigated in these latest paintings.  These paintings attempt to create Realms, other possibilities, alternative zones - beyond realities we so carefully construct for ourselves.  They reveal a space that sits just beyond me, one that can only be seen once the veils are pierced."

Veneer , 2018, mixed media on linen, 183 x 168 cm

Veneer, 2018, mixed media on linen, 183 x 168 cm

"For me, the veil acts as a screen - mimicking the way the brain erects definitive boundaries to construct reality.  The veil, though, in these paintings transformed itself into a curtain - a flimsy liminal device that implies movement.  This movement makes it possible for me to activate the paintings’ surface- changeable depending on the viewing position. Like a mirror, my interest in  reflective pigments allows the painting to exist amongst multiple versions of itself."

Field , 2018, mixed media on linen, 198 x 153 cm

Field, 2018, mixed media on linen, 198 x 153 cm

"The way my paintings dictate themselves are (seemingly) akin to the universal laws of nature.  They are a distillation of the endless possibilities available to me, condensed into one flattened surface. They are cross-sections of time and being. Painting is my way of filtering through the doppler effect of noise -  and sit with the ubiquitous human desire to understand the unfathomable vastness of it all."