SHOW ME YOUR PRIVACY - A Data Collection and Interpretation Project About Love curated by Tory Bauer

Opening tonight at the Byron School of Art Project Space!

Featuring Alain de Botton, Amac, Beci Orpin, Claire Snel, Craig Rochfort, James Adams, Jeet Pavlovic, Anna-Karina, Kate Berry, Max Doyle, Mish Lockwood, Nathaniel Russell, Paige Miller, Paul McNeil, Toby Porter and Shea Caplice       


We give feedback about the service at a restaurant, rate our stay at a hotel, or the cleanliness of the facilities at an airport - but imagine if we received feedback from our ex-lovers.  Could we improve ourselves both as partners and humans? 

Well that's what Tory Bauer did. She created a 'Relationship Satisfaction Feedback Survey' and sent it to 9 ex-boyfriends (going back to her first crush as a teenager) as well as her current partner.  She then invited artists to interpret the data and Show Me Your Privacy is the result.


Opening Night
Friday 25 August, 6 - 8pm

Exhibition runs 26 August - 6 September

112 Dalley St, Mullumbimby
Open 10am to 2pm. Closed Sundays
or by appointment 0431 034 892

"A beautiful exercise that correctly taps into a huge gap in our knowledge of ourselves: we simply don't learn enough from the failures of our past relationships, and therefore don't manage to develop as we should. With a feedback form like this, which should be made available to all, we have the chance to learn from - not just suffer through or enjoy - love". Alain de Botton (Philosopher and founder of The School of Life)