Creative Meetups at Cubby House Byron Bay

The Cubby House is hosting casual, fun meetup sessions for all types of creatives at its workspace in the Byron Arts & Industrial Estate.

Guests are invited to bring their own projects and ideas to work on during the meeting, by themselves, or with others. It's also a chance to socialise and network: "A lot of creatives work from home so it is nice to get out of the home studio and continue to work in a different environment", says Cubby House founder, Lisa Galvin. "There are a number of business networking groups in the community but nothing specific for the significant number of creatives."

Galvin also wants to enable younger group members to seek out potential mentors and advisers. "Overall, my vision for Cubby is to create a hub for other like-minded creatives to learn, teach and socialise," she says.

The Cubby House is located at Unit 6, 10 Brigantine St, in the Byron Bay Arts and Industrial Estate.

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