TextaQueen turns nudes upside down at TRG

TextaQueen, Save Yourself (self-love self-portrait) 2013, from the series Unknown Artist, fibre-tipped markers, acrylic paint and coloured pencil on paper, Corrigan Collection

TextaQueen, Save Yourself (self-love self-portrait) 2013, from the series Unknown Artist, fibre-tipped markers, acrylic paint and coloured pencil on paper, Corrigan Collection

TextaQueen's humorous and subversive works upend the traditions of the salon nude and narrative portraiture.

Armed with a felt-tipped pen, she playfully tackles complex issues of race, exoticism, gender, sexuality and identity.

TextaQueen's engaging portraits are showcased in Between You and Me, the first survey exhibition of this contemporary artist, on display at Tweed Regional Gallery from 8 December 2017 - 25 February 2018.

The survey exhibition brings together more than 30 works, highlighting TextaQueen's compelling marker works on paper, as well as a new suite of photos created during a recent placement at Mornington Shire's Police Point Artist in Residency Program.

Tweed Regional Gallery Director Susi Muddiman said: "In 2011, the Gallery acquired a wonderful etching of The true history of the Kelly Gang by TextaQueen, which is currently on display in our collection show, Go Figure.

"This new touring exhibition, Between You and Me, is a fantastic opportunity for our audiences to witness the full extent of TextaQueen's unique practice and experience the colour and vibrancy of her work."

Everyone is invited to an official opening of Between You and Me on Friday 8 December 2017 at 6pm (DST), by Joanna Strumpf, Co-Founder & Co-Director Sullivan+Strumpf, Sydney & Singapore.

TextaQueen: Between You and Me is a Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery travelling exhibition and is supported by Mornington Peninsula Shire.

TextaQueen, Where we will go when the world implodes? (Taylor Mac) 2006, fibre-tipped markers on paper, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Victoria, Purchased from National Works on Paper, 2008

TextaQueen, Where we will go when the world implodes? (Taylor Mac) 2006, fibre-tipped markers on paper, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Victoria, Purchased from National Works on Paper, 2008

The Book of Wonder: A new comic by local artist Holly English

The Book of Wonder is a new comic art collection of short stories, funny anecdotes and heartfelt drawings created by local artist Holly English.


Holly experiments with eclectic styles utilizing mediums ranging from instax film to oil pastel and traditional ink.
With themes explored from pseudo-spiritual practice to life’s simple yet miraculous moments, Holly’s latest self-published comic is a moving and simple collection of artworks sometimes expressed out loud and sometimes told in tiny brushstrokes.
A 20-page colour A4 book, for a mature audience.


Holly English is an artist, illustrator and comic writer who lives in Byron Bay, Australia.
She has also written the comic book ‘Byron Bay, a Time and Place’, about Byron Bay in the 90’s, when Holly arrives as a teenager and learns that even in paradise, life can be painful.
Both comics are available at:
www.hollyenglish.com/shop (via pay pal or etsy).
Ph: 0402 846 918
Email: hollywarmth@hotmail.com
Instagram: hollyenglishart

5 minutes with Local Illustrator, Nic De Carlo

Nic De Carlo has called Byron home for the last five years. Inspired by conversations, his observations of the town and the “myriad of fascinating people who live in it,” Nic’s work is a playful interpretation of Byron’s signature charm and character. Saying that, “creative expression has always been the backdrop of my life,” Nic describes his approach to creating artwork as a “cathartic exercise” and an outlet. His watercolour and fine-liner illustrations epitomize his love for the “absurdities of every day life and the weirdness of people.”

“I find fascinating our modern day worries and how they can have so much influence on our behaviour and actions. These are the inspirations for my work.”

Emily. What do you think it is about Byron that draws in such an interesting and diverse crowd of characters?

Nic. I believe it is the carefree culture in which diversity and weirdness is celebrated, this originating from the hippie days that still have such a strong influence on the town and the people in it. 

Emily. I love the sort of comedic satirical social comment your that work makes on so many weird little novelties you find in everyday life. Can you tell me more about what has influenced this theme? 

Nic. I'm influenced by friends and family, the books and news I read and the films and comedy I watch (lots of satire), as well as artists I keenly follow. There are a few cartoonists that I have either followed for many years like Michael Leunig and Gary Larson and more recent ones such as Chris (Simpsons Artist) and Joan Cornellà. I gather a lot of inspiration from them. 

Emily. Have you got anything exciting planned for your art? I think you should write a book... 

Nic. I'm still building up a body of work but plan to do a little exhibition in the next few months. In the future I would love to make a coffee table book packed full of weirdos, haha! 

Emily. You've recently been "arting up" some surfboards. Can we expect to see some more of these in the future?

Nic. I'd love to do a few before summer. I've just  got to get my mates to offer up their boards, all of mine are already covered!


You can find more of Nic's art at @nicdecarlo

Artist Profile - Kai

Horn  2016  Acrylic on paper

Horn 2016  Acrylic on paper

Hailing from the coastal area of Taranaki on New Zealand's North Island, Michaela Snowden, or “Kai”, studied textile design in Wellington before journeying to Byron Bay, where she has fed her artistic appetite for the past three years. Like many local artists who draw creative stimulation from the boundless natural beauty of  the area, Kai sees her personal artistic process as a form of  meditation and reflection. She often spends time in nature with a pen and sketchbook firmly in hand: “With all the magical, serene places in Byron Bay ... it has lent itself perfectly to this style of work and has been such an inspiring place to be based for the past couple of years. All the different creative courses or classes that are available have also kept me inspired ... Friday mornings slinging paint around at Dynamic Drawing classes in the Scout Hall with Ron and Liz is a personal favourite.”

Calling herself a “designer/illustrator/creator”, Kai attributes her mish-mash of titles to the “short attention span” that has led her to constantly explore different mediums. Her strong illustrative style and “weakness for clean black lines,” has seen her develop a crisp graphic approach that transitions smoothly between her signature black and white aesthetic and her more recent work. Traditionally partial to Posca Paint Pens and fine-liners, pieces like Horn show Kai delving into colour and texture with acrylic paints. “I like to explore my creativity in whatever medium holds my focus for long enough or pushes me out of my comfort zone,” she says. She jumps from painting artworks on surfboards to hand crafting unique leather wallets and leather cut-offs sourced in Byron Bay.

Currently travelling around Central America, Kai is documenting her travels through sketches. She says that travel - and reminding herself of the paradise we live in - is one of the "best forms of inspiration," for her art, and her life.

For more on Kai's art, or to follow her visual travel diary through Central America, visit @kaisnowden on Instagram.

Fashion Illustration Workshop with Stevie May & Future Dreamers

Stevie May together with Future Dreamers will be holding a fashion illustration workshop in Byron Bay at the end of this month. 

Valentina Coppola, the designer behind the Byron brand, brings a luxe boheme feel to the label, inspiring each piece with romantic prints and textures and a Byron-esque vintage vibe. This workshop offers aspiring designers, creativity seekers and fashion fans the opportunity to explore their own artistic endeavors in the hands the ultimate girl-power-promoting crew, Future Dreamers.

Where: 24 Marvell Street Byron Bay

When: 28th of August at 11:30am

Please text 0422960919 to RSVP