Judy Oakenfull | Nature Portraits

Based in Murwillumbah, Judy Oakenfull sensitively interprets the unique natural beauty of her surroundings in her calm and organic acrylic paintings.


The wonderfully figurative but humble botanical forms she fashions, express a semblance to the mountains, subtropical flora and lush natural abundance of the Northern Rivers. Her current exhibition Nature Portraits runs until November 12 at the Northern Rivers Community Gallery, Ballina.

"I moved from inner city Melbourne to the Northern Rivers about 10 years ago. My artwork is heavily influenced by my immediate environment so it underwent quite a transformation. Moving away from worn and weathered concrete, architectural surfaces and corners, it has slowly opened up to the wilderness of subtropical Northern Rivers. Lately my work seems to find its way into singular organic forms, sometimes islands, sometimes landscape, flora or other natural forms. It can also border on the figurative, purposely blurring boundaries, challenging dualities and hopefully emphasising connection and unity. The relationship between humans and nature has always been the most prominent theme in my work."

For more on Judy and her work, visit judyoakenfull.com or @judyoakenfullart